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The Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign

In February 2012, the Chamber of Commerce held a “Big Debate” to enable the city’s businesses to voice their views regarding Brighton and Hove adopting the Living Wage. When it came to the vote, the concept received an overwhelming business endorsement.

In April 2012, the city’s Living Wage Commission announced that a business-led, two year Campaign for a Living Wage would be spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce, with the goal of making Brighton and Hove a great example of how the Living Wage can become the regular, normal and accepted minimum level of payment for all employers in the city.

From November 2012 the Chamber’s aim has been to pursue not only equality for all employees in the city but also to champion the business case that a Living Wage contributes to increases in productivity, profile and profitability, and will be a major boost to the city’s economy.

Set independently and updated annually, the Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK and is the amount that allows a person to live, rather than just survive. We believe with many others that it is the right thing to do morally and economically.

Carol Lewis, the Chamber President said: “I’m really proud that the Brighton Chamber has been running the only business-led Living Wage campaign for the last four years. We have received so much support from local businesses and are looking forward to even more businesses joining the campaign going forward.”

Our objectives are to get as many businesses in Brighton and Hove signed up to the Living Wage and be at the forefront for this best practice in the UK.

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The current Living Wage rate is £8.45 per hour in the UK. It's free to sign up to the local campaign to show your support.