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Chamber team

A different kind of Chamber

There are Chambers of Commerce in towns and cities around the world. They are a vital network run for and by local businesses. Unfortunately, some people’s view of Chambers is that they can be a little old-fashioned and perhaps not truly representative of a city’s business demographic. We’re pleased to say that’s not the case in Brighton & Hove.

We rely on a team of volunteer experts who design and co-ordinate our strategy for supporting members. They are busy, successful business people and practitioners in their own right, and they are the creative force and brains behind our brand, technology, events and training. With a healthy mix of gender, business size and sector experience, together we bring you a Chamber that really means something to your business.

A not-for-profit organisation

The Brighton Chamber is a not-for-profit organisation.  We are run by our members for our members. All the money we make through our projects and events is re-invested back into the Chamber and goes into paying for the five permanent staff members.

Led by our members

The Chamber is led by our board of directors which consists of the President, Vice Presidents and three other elected members.  Legally, the Chamber is a company limited by guarantee and the President and Vice Presidents are the company directors.

All board members are voluntary and non-paid positions.

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Run by a small permanent team

We have a team of five who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Chamber.

  • Chamber Director – Sarah Springford
  • Membership Manager - Amy Lishman
  • Events Manager – Carrie Smith
  • Operations Manager - Bee Nicholls
  • Marketing and Events Assistant - Alice Warren

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Supported by a host of skilled volunteers

There are currently over 60 active volunteers who give their time to strengthen and develop the Chamber. Our volunteers are one of our core strengths and without them we couldn’t provide the events and services we do.

Our volunteers

Working closely with other organisations

As well as connecting local businesses, we work closely with a number of key local and regional organisations, including the Brighton & Hove City Council, the University of Brighton, the University of Sussex and MET.

We try to have representatives at as many city meetings as we can so that we can both contribute to city life and keep our members updated. We currently have official representation on:

  • Economic Partnership
  • Business Support Partnership
  • Transport Partnership
  • City Employment & Skills Steering group (CESSG)
  • City Sustainability Partnership.

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