The Brighton Chamber relies on over 60 skilled volunteers to provide the events and services that we offer. Without them, we just couldn’t do it. They help with everything from strategy to PR, training to website design. They don’t just help us provide our events and services, they help us decide on just what those events and services should be.

Why get involved?

Being involved in the Chamber gives you the chance to:

  • make new business connections
  • raise your profile
  • collaborate with interesting people
  • get in front of an audience at one of our events
  • develop or host events
  • contribute to issues you feel strongly about
  • have your say as a member or the business community.

We always acknowledge the time and energy our volunteers give, and make other members aware of your contribution through our newsletters and events.

Share your expertise

Our members get involved in a vast and diverse number of ways. From representing the Chamber at events, to writing blog posts and interviews, putting together training sessions or acting as Chamber Ambassadors, the opportunities to get involved are almost endless.

Shape what we do

Being an active member of the Chamber also means you can develop events and contribute to issues you feel strongly about – whether that’s the standards in a specific sector, supporting start-ups or pushing for more environmentally friendly business policies. If your passion will help local businesses and our city’s economy to develop or be more resilient then we’ll do our best to support you.

The Chamber has resources and connections that you can draw on, and plenty of other skilled members who could share your interest. If you have an idea for how you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.

How to get involved

We want to hear from you. Contact Amy to talk about how your skills and expertise could make a difference to business in Brighton and what we do.