Communications Team


Introducing you to, and thanking our brilliant Communications Team:

Chamber copywriters

Laura Darling - Laura Darling Copywriting

Judy Yorke - The Sentence Works

Imogen Mergler - SmallFish Marketing

Jill Woolf - Chimera Communication

Al Robertson - Thinking, Writing & Training

Alice Cuninghame - Cuninghame Copywriting

Susan Beckingham - Sussex Copywriting Services


Chamber designers

Andrew Thomas - REBORN

Richard Excell - Excell Design

Franki Martelly - FDM Design

Nicola Tatum - Pario One


Chamber photographers

Simon Callaghan - Simon Callaghan Photography

Maria Scard - Maria Scard Photography

Lauren Psyk - Lauren Psyk Photography

Susi Doherty - Vervate

Katariina Järvinen - Light Trick Photography