Keeping up to speed in the fast paced world of digital marketing.

In the run up to the Digital Marketing Day on the 20th June, our membership and website manager, Abby talks about being on the sidelines of digital, and managing to stay in the game.

Online marketing has changed massively in the last few years. As technology develops, it continues to take huge strides in order to meet new expectations from users and stay up there in the ranking stakes.

It can be tough trying to keep up with the waves of information that we’re being inundated with. Marketers are continually having to find new ways to engage with their potential customers, and generate leads. Keeping up with new trends and strategies is now harder than ever. And don’t get me started on SEO.

I once worked in Digital Marketing. It was less than a year ago but in the digital world, it really does feel like a lifetime. It’s a crazy fast moving world, trends, buzzwords and the all important algorithms are constantly changing and being updated.

It shows no sign of slowing down and so begs the question, “how do I keep up?”

I try to regularly read blogs such as Econsultancy, and we are lucky at the Chamber to have some expert members just a phone call away; people who can answer quick-fire questions on SEO or content strategy. But the feeling that I’m always one step behind never really goes away.

That’s why I’m heading to the Digital Marketing Day. This 1 day event highlights the latest digital marketing strategies, techniques, and best practice advice. You can see the programme here

With inspiring and practical talks covering Email marketing, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and reputation management, I’m expecting to learn a lot. And come away techniques that I can apply to my job here at the Chamber. I’ll let you know what’s new next week!

If you'd like to watch the events of the day unfold, follow #2014DMD