How businesses can help rough sleepers in our city


How businesses can help rough sleepers

Find out what you can do as a business to combat homelessness in Brighton. 

A steep rise in homelessness and rough sleeping has become a national crisis and with high demand for limited housing stock in Brighton & Hove, the problem is particularly acute. Numbers on the streets have risen steadily since 2010 and last year reached 178 in the annual estimate for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

In response to this crisis, Brighton & Hove City Council has worked in partnership with support agencies, charities, the NHS, the Police and businesses to develop services that help people off the streets to rebuild their lives. There are a number of initiatives in place including outreach teams, intensive support, supported accommodation and a winter night shelter to help those in need of support and have already enabled many people to move off the streets.   

Click here for the good practice guide for businesses to help rough sleepers in Brighton & Hove. The leaflet gives a picture of the challenges that the Local Authority and other services face in supporting vulnerable adults experiencing homelessness in the city.

The guide offers practical advice and lists contact details for businesses to alert the network of services across Brighton & Hove in various situations.  This includes helping locate a rough sleeper you are concerned about to alerting services of anti-social behaviour.

Brighton & Hove is a caring and inclusive city and involving the community and businesses in resolving rough sleeping is a key part of our strategy.

Make Change Count is our online giving campaign that contributes towards funding a variety of homeless support services in Brighton & Hove.

Thanks to Brighton & Hove City Council for writing this blog 

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