Struggling with your business? You're exactly where you need to be!

Struggling with your business? You're exactly where you need to be!
Often feel overwhelmed by the challenges that come with running your own business? You're not alone. Kevin Boyd, Professional Coach at Upward Spiral Coaching, shares how you can use your struggles to propel your business forward, and hit your goals. Read on to find out more. 
If, like me, you are an entrepreneur, according to social media you wake up at 5am, power through an hour of yoga before drinking a kale and mango smoothie before writing 1,000 words of your forthcoming New York Times bestseller about how you can have it all, retire at 35 and still look 10 years younger than you actually feel!
[Sound FX of a needle being dragged across a record]
Let's be honest, running your own start-up business, or even a long-standing business is hard- I mean really hard. You constantly come up against your own physical and emotional limits, money is always tight and that damn critical voice in your head is just relentless in its low opinion of your progress!
So, if being an entrepreneur is so damned hard, why don’t we just give it all up? Come on, it would be so much easier to just get a job and allow some other poor sucker to worry about the bottom line, and then you can kick back and indulge in all the pleasures that our modern world has created and stick two-fingers up to ambition and delayed gratification.
As Canadian Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson argues in his seminal book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos”, for life to have any sense of meaning indulging in immediate gratification just does not work. 
Instead, Peterson argues that you must metaphorically lift a heavy load. In other words, take on a difficult project that will push you outside of your comfort zone, right to your edge, because that is where you grow.
Even our genes (Epigenetic’s) get involved, with specific ones switching on and others off so that we can direct maximum bodily resources towards achieving our goal.
So the fact that your entrepreneurial life is full of challenges, and you feel like you can’t go on, means you are exactly where you need to be to grow your mind and body's resources that will ultimately lead you to a more fulfilling life.
But you don’t have to walk that path alone. This is where a coach can really help you stay focused, push through your own fears and keep your eyes on the prize; the prize of purpose and meaning in your everyday life.
I am offering a free coaching session to all Chamber members, so if you need help figuring out what heavyweight would bring meaning to your life, then get in touch. 
Thanks to Kevin Boyd for writing this blog. 
If you'd like to find out more about about how Upward Spiral Coaching can help you, or claim your free coaching session, drop Kevin an email at
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