Entrepreneurial Spark

Entrepreneurial Spark Brighton

What is Entrepreneurial Spark?

Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures. The focus of the Entrepreneurial Spark programme is on the individual, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours to enable acceleration and growth.

Businesses of any sector can be a part of the programme – which is split into four stages:


For entrepreneurs with an idea or in the early stages of setting up, this is a three-month sprint focused on a specific outcome of validation and customer proposition.


For entrepreneurs who have successfully passed through the Sprint – a further six months with hands-on enablement to continue acceleration.


For those already generating revenue with a turnover of £100,000+ per year or have secured £25,000+ in investment or funding with potential for high growth, the growth stage is high end enablement and support designed to lay foundations to allow for that growth.


For businesses on a scale trajectory with annual turnover of £200,000+ or investment/funding of £150,000 and who are on the hunt for investment, this is a programme that covers off all the usual pain points and challenges businesses seeking scale can encounter.


Successful applicants receive top notch mentorship, and depending on the programme they are on – desk space in the hub at Preston Park as well as use of phones and wifi. And it’s all for free.

Before you apply, why don't you arrange a tour of the hatchery? 

If you want to supercharge your business, head on over to their website for more information: http://www.entrepreneurial-spark.com/