Growing your team

Is it time you hired an apprentice?
If your business is expanding and you need more resource, taking on an apprentice may be the perfect solution. You’ll get a ground-up approach to training a valued member of the team, who may become your next permanent employee.
City College 
City College offer apprenticeships in a wide variety of areas including AAT, Business Admin (including social media) and customer service, and can be from 16 years, though there is no upper age limit. Training for your apprentice is free up to April 2016, after which there may be a small charge depending on the age of the apprentice. 
You’ll interview and choose your apprentice from a good calibre of candidates 
You'll have support and advice throughout the apprenticeship 
You may be eligible for a £1500 grant, available to businesses hiring an apprentice between the ages of 16-23   
If you’d like to find out more about how your business could benefit, contact Neil Seccombe on 01273 667788 Ext: 2256 or email
Creative Process
Creative Process is Brighton’s leading provider of digital apprenticeships, sourcing digital savvy young talent across job roles that cover Digital Marketing, Account and Project Management, Digital Business and Admin, Social Media, Search and Analytics, Web Development, UX, Content Management, Digital Design, Video Production, Photography, PR and Digital Imaging.  They are supported by the National Apprenticeship Service, Brighton & Hove City Council, as well as with local employers, and provide: 
A pool of excellent apprentices to interview and select from
£10k worth of Government funded professional development for your apprentice
Fresh skills and up-to-date knowledge to enhance your team
£1500 grant after month three
A chance to find potential future staff members - 87% of Creative Process Apprentices continue with their employer post apprenticeship having become invaluable team members.
Find out more on their website or contact Jack Hiett