Recruit Ability

Next time you’re thinking of hiring a new member of staff, consider these facts:
  • A disabled graduate is far more likely to be unemployed than an unqualified person who is not disabled
  • One of the biggest barriers to employment for disabled people is perceived attitudes of employers
  • Over 50% of unemployed working age people are disabled
Shocking, isn’t it? So if you believe that a person’s ability to do an excellent job is most important read on.
Be part of our new project and employ the right people
Possability People and the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, have launched a project aimed at getting the right people into the right jobs, helping them fulfil their potential and enhance the business that employs them. 
If you’re looking for a new member of staff, we want to help. 
We’ll help you find talented, qualified people.  We want you to see for yourself the positive impact disabled people can have. We’ll help you set up work trials so you can make sure the person is right for you and you’re right for them. 
  • If you’re hiring, we have a number of job seekers who may be just what you are looking for
  • We’ll help you set up a work trial
  • You could offer potential for work experience or taster days for individuals
  • We’ll help you to apply for Access to Work funding to cover the cost of equipment, software or other support 
What’s in it for you?
As well as hiring a talented team that will be a credit to your business, there are a host of other tangible benefits. We’ll help you unlock the potential that employing truly diverse teams can bring, and help you become Disability Confident accredited, setting an example to your peers.
How can you get involved?
Get in touch with Mandy Crandale on 07795 90 49 27 or email
Possability People - Who are we?
Possability People is a user-led organisation whose mission is to promote independent living for all and support disabled people, their carers, families and friends. We have been working with disabled job seekers in Brighton & Hove helping them to prepare for work and rebuild their confidence. We want to make Brighton & Hove a city where everybody can find the right job and where employers think differently about disabled people. 

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