A healthy start to 2019 at the Community Kitchen

If you're taking stock of your body as well as your business this new year, The Community Kitchen is starting 2019 with some healthy cookery courses, including a three-part series of gut health workshops.

Other healthy options include Low Carb Diets & Nutrution and, perhaps for those who have new year resolved to (re)start running, an amazing Fuel Your Run course, offering evidence-backed advice on how to fuel better to run longer. 

Not to forget those who following the festive season are still in entertaining mode, another highlight of this coming quarter in the Kitchen is Easy Entertaining - with Cantina, Brighton's favourite supperclub histess.

Check out the full calendar of Kitchen events at bhfood.org.uk/category/community-kitchen/cookery-school/- and don't forget we do venue hire too!

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

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