Why You Should Hire An Executive Coach (and how to find a good one)

If you don’t have a coach, you’re not optimising yourself. As an executive coach myself, I’ll admit to being biased on this point.  While I can’t know how well coaching will work for you specifically, I have absolute conviction about one thing: coaching works.

How do I know?

First, because I’ve seen the impact of coaching on my own life. I’ve invested more money in coaching than anything else I have done (and I did two degrees!).  Coaching always pays back like when I hired my first coach – and finally figured out who I was, passionate about coaching and why, then tripled my client-base doing what genuinely feels more like a calling than work.

Second, because I’ve seen how powerful my coaching is for my clients. They don’t always come to coaching knowing what their passion is.  That’s why it doesn’t work to say, ‘do what you love’.  Full Stop.  Clients do come knowing they’re not passionate about what they do today.   Often, they are deeply unhappy but my cue that coaching will work shows up when they know they’ll stay stuck on their own, despite knowing they need change.  Suffering like theirs is hard to watch.

The clarity that coaching unlocks, illuminates what is meaningful and from there comes intention and then action.  I’ve helped people discover what they would love to be doing and create their plan to be doing that.  Others want support to consolidate in promoted roles that they fought to get, only to live with daily overwhelm as their reward.  Another brand of help comes online as I help still others shake off their corporate setting to build their own business from scratch.  Coaching is transformative for all of them.

click below to read the full article and get the 5 questions to ask any coach before you hire them (tip:  #3 will feel uncomfortable but their answer is a deal-breaker)!


If you know you feel stuck the wrong side of a transition or growth you need to thrive and want some support with that, please just email me at helen@helenhanison.com and we'll organise a clarity conversation to work out what's holding you most stuck and get you into action.  Fast. 

Until then. With gratitude, Helen 

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