The 'Two for one' Breakfast, 28 October 2016

There were two people on the “stage” at Carluccio’s at our October Chamber Breakfast, with Alex Pearson from Blue Yurt interviewing Mebrak Ghebreweldi of Vandu Language Services

Mebrak’s background is unconventional to say the least. Born in Eritrea, she was a member of the People’s Liberation Front there for nearly two decades. As a young independence fighter she was a barefoot doctor and then a Morse Code radio operator.
After coming to this country to study, she set up Vandu Language Services to provide interpreting, translation and health & social care advocacy to public and private sector organisations.
Listen to our podcast and pick up a tip or two about how she’s fitted so much in so far.
Thanks to Tino Da Silva at Business Radio for podcasting. 
You can also watch a short video with Mebrak by clicking here. Video filmed and edited by Laura Of Brighton