The Big Debate: 'Future of work: Are we doing enough about future skills?'

Start Date

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 17:00

End Date

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 19:00

Future of work: Are we doing enough about future skills?

The nature of work is going through profound and fast-moving change. Are we doing enough to ensure we have the right skills for employers?

How can you train people for jobs which have not yet evolved? What role can technology play? How will the wellbeing of workers be maintained?

And what about the huge growth in self-employment?

Join our panel to answer these questions at the Big Debate on 2 May, 5pm-7pm at the MET.

We’ll ask businesses, workers, teachers and trainers how they are keeping up with such fast change and what new thinking is needed to make this happen, from changing perceptions about work and training, to adapting the tax system.

With a panel of business owners, education leaders and futurists, we will wrestle with the challenges, develop innovative ideas, and spark an insightful conversation about the future of work.

Join us if you have a view to share about:

Training: What’s happening in our schools and universities and on-the-job training? What are the skills needed besides digital? Could the tax system reward employers who train staff to train themselves?

Planning: How can we futureproof teaching when future jobs haven’t yet been visualised? Could businesses do more to share the skills they will need in five years’ time or do they simply not know what these will be? How will Brexit and global challenges affect our talent pool?

Jobs for all: How can young and unskilled people and people at the end of their careers can play a valuable part of business growth in the city? Is a degree the only way to get a good job? Is Brighton & Hove's small business economy future-proofed?

New ways of working: Is self-employment and flexible working the new norm? What effect will portfolio careers have on the jobs landscape? How does the city support this growth in self-employment?

Technology: How can technology help our businesses to plan for future jobs? Does AI in the workplace mean that creatively and judgement skills will become even more essential?


Our panel includes:

Nick Juba - Chief Executive Officer at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Jacqueline O'Reilly - Professor of Comparative Human Resource Management at University of Sussex

Matt Parkinson – Managing Director at Gene Commerce

Catherine Parkinson - Director of Goldfinch & Associates 

Steve Wells - COO of Fast Future Publishing

The event will be chaired by Richard Freeman, founder of Always Possible.


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