Creative Hub


Creative Hub

The Creative Hub is where you’ll meet other creative businesses from across disciplines to talk, learn, inspire and be inspired, share, collaborate and flourish.

Each session includes inspirational workshops and interactive sessions that will get you thinking and help you build the skills you need to grow your creative business. 

You’ll meet like-minded creatives: writers, artists, makers, designers, photographers, and coaches to name a few – people who’ll expand your network and potentially collaborate on projects, act as sounding boards and share resources.

Together, we form a supportive group that will help us survive the hard times and get even better at what we do. 

It is your hub, so come along, bring some ideas and get involved.

Each event is curated alongside event partners - Richard Ainsworth of Rodhus, copywriter Laura Darling, milliner Joanna Zara and Richard Freeman of always possible.

What started in a coffee shop has grown to host some of Brighton and Hove’s most exciting talents in the creative industry. We’ve learned how to price our art, combat the plagiarists and protect our copyright, we’ve been inspired by arctic sea voyages, instagram mavens, sky-diving jewellers and crazy mad ideas that turn into brilliant businesses.
We’ve met people who help, inspire, collaborate and give advice honed from their experience.  We’ve shared knowledge that makes us better at what we do and helps get us through the fallow periods.
Creative Hub celebrates our future-savvy, ideas-driven and creativity-enhancing city and the musicians, artists, makers, writers, designers, illustrators and coaches who make it.
This newsletter sums up what you may have missed and what we’re looking forward to. If you have ideas, would like to speak at a meeting or meet someone in particular whom you think can be a part of your creative journey, come and talk to us.

Details of the next Creative Hub event will follow shortly. 

To see why we started- click here 
And these are some of the topics we’ve covered:

Money, Money, Money with Kreston Reeves and A Shade Above
Big up your bad self with Frances Tobin from the Makers Atelier and Julia Chanteray from the Joy of Business.
Inspiration: finding it, keeping it with Helen CannHolly Budge, Emma Haughton and Lisa Westbury from Generate
Plagiarism and copyright with Zara Wood and Dean Marsh
Using social media and creating a strategy with Philippa Stantonand Lara Squires from Consortium Business Solutions
Making the leap from idea to business with Phil Weyman ( Mister Phil) and Adam Kemeny, Photobot.
Collaboration with Naomi Alexander and Clare Grotefeld.
Pricing for Creative business with Derek Brazell and Joanna Zara