Non Chamber Event: THRIVE Business Growth Academy

Non Chamber Event:

Running a successful business presents all kinds of challenges. Have you ever sat staring at a coffee and thought ‘who can I talk to about this ?’

Then, welcome to THRIVE - Business Growth Academy

Grab a fresh coffee and join fellow business owners for an open discussion about your challenges over breakfast, they’ll talk about their challenges too. The best people to solve problems are often people who have overcome them.

Each month, Thrive Breakfast gives you

·         access to experts to help your business

·         allows you to tap into the wealth of experience and expertise of a group of your peers

·         expose an opportunity or challenge that you are dealing with to peer scrutiny.

All structured around a relaxed non-judgemental set of discussions of each others business challenges to generate new thoughts and ideas to consider, and that in talking openly about it you might come up with something yourself.

Who can join?

·         THRIVE isn't for start-ups

·         You have a successful business and want support to grow to the next level

·         You have an annual income of £250,000 and be growing at around 20% a year

·         To ensure local membership, Brighton THRIVE is for those with BN postcodes.

Our inaugural event of free at the end of which you will have the opportunity to sign up as one our founder members who may join the six month programme at a discounted price of £650. (Our normal price will be £900)

Thrive is not a consultancy with formulaic solutions to theoretical problem. It’s not a networking event where you get to just chat, nor is it a training programme on how to manage a business, there are plenty of those about. Thrive is a hands-on exploration of challenges that need to be dealt with right now, and you leave with solutions, probably more than one!

Book your ticket here and we'll see you on the day.

Event Organised by: Merranti Consulting



Start Date

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 07:30

End Date

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 09:30