Non-chamber event
Come and join us for this transformational two hour event and learn with NLP Master Practitioner, Sarah Andrews and Psychology trained Alison Kuhn.
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We are passionate about helping you to find the possibility to thrive and have fun.

Change is shown to be not only one of the scariest things to create and accept but also one of the hardest. The fundamental reason for this is that we often have a series of negative stories on loop in our heads. We all know that if we think it then often we make it happen because our thoughts create our realities.


  • What if you could change that negative loop in your head?
  • What if you could replace it with something positive?
  • How might that change your life?
  • Perhaps you'd like that promotion or perhaps a complete change of career?
  • Maybe you'd like a relationship that makes you smile.
  • Perhaps you'd like to loose weight but that chocolate is just so tempting!


This workshop will help you create new strategies to switch off the negative stories that loop on repeat in your head. We will help you to create useful outcomes that empower you move forward with excitement and joy. We will partner you in learning to let go of the "fear of what may happen voice" and to learn the tools to help you move toward your chosen outcome and gain the lasting change you desire.


Location: Red Roaster, Kemptown, Brighton


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Event organised by The Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultancy 


Start Date

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 14:30

End Date

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 16:30