Make the most of your membership


Now you’ve joined the Chamber you have access to all the different ways we help support your business. You can come to any of our events, run training sessions, have a great company profile on our website and much more. We want you to get the maximum benefit from your membership with us, so we’ve got some good tips to get you started…

Come to events
Try out a few different types of event to see which suits you best. We have a wide range of different types of events, and at all different times of the day. We suggest you try to come frequently to get the maximum benefit. Make sure you’re on our mailing list so you know what’s coming up. Don't forget that membership covers your whole company so your colleagues can also come along.

Deliver a Bite-sized session
Share your knowledge and run a Bite-sized Learning session with us. These two hour sessions at the beginning or end of the day are a really good way to showcase what you do. They are interactive and the small group size means we get great feedback about these sessions. 

Update your profile
You now have a profile in our member directory where you can add all your company details, list your services and add your logo. We suggest that you update your profile page with news and links frequently.

Add a member offer
What you offer is entirely up to you and gives you a chance to link to a promotion or to try something different. Offers are limited to two weeks in order to keep them fresh. It’s a really good way to introduce your services to other members and get people thinking about what you do.

Send us your news
We can promote your news, achievements and events, so anything you’d like shared make sure to send us the details.

Sponsor an event
We have a wide range of events you can sponsor, and depending on the topic, the speaker or the audience, there’ll be one that is just right for your business.  It’s great exposure for your business and gives you the chance to speak to attendees about what you do. It’s not expensive for members to sponsor an event (or a series) and so you may be surprised at how cost effective it is.

Follow us on twitter and join the Chamber LinkedIn group
Make sure we’re following you too so your tweets appear in our member tweets page.

Write us a blog post
If there’s something you’d like to share, an experience or tips for other businesses let us know. If writing isn’t your strength, we can interview you.

Meet us for a coffee
We're always happy to meet members to have a chat about how we can support you and how best to use your membership, so get in touch.