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Ride the Wave 2017

Expert support to grow your business

Brighton & Hove’s biggest business support programme is back

Ride the Wave is a series of affordable events to support every business, from those just starting out to established companies. Now in its sixth year, it offers practical help to everyone in the city who wants to launch or grow a business.

The programme includes practical, interactive workshops and peer support, as well as expert mentoring in a subject of your choice.

Running from May to November 2017, Ride the Wave is funded and led by Brighton & Hove City Council, and designed and delivered by Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce.


Make it happen: from a brainwave to a business

If you have a fantastic idea but aren’t sure how to go about turning it into a profitable business, this workshop is for you. It’s designed for anyone in the planning stages of their new business, and will help you develop the essential skills and knowledge to set it up.

The workshop will include:

  • Pricing, marketing, networking, accountancy and more
  • A peer support session where you can share ideas and solve problems with other fledgling businesses
  • Where to go for business support

NB: We have a small number of fully subsidised places for this workshop for those unable to afford a ticket. If this applies to you or someone you know, please contact ridethewave@businessinbrighton.org.uk.

This workshop will be held on 18 May, click here to find out more and book. The workshop will be repeated in September and November. 

Keep on keeping on: growing your business

When you’re establishing your business, you rarely have time to take a step back, review your progress and think about where you’re heading. This workshop is for start-ups and young businesses in their first couple of years who want to consider their goals and gain a deeper understanding of what they need to thrive.

The workshop will include:

  • Carrying out a business health-check
  • Creating a business plan that works for you
  • Ways to engage with your customers and clients

​This workshop will be held on 30 June, click here to find out more and book. The workshop will be repeated in October. 

Business growth: overcoming the barriers

We are in fast moving, challenging but potentially exciting economic times for business. This three-hour hands-on workshop for existing businesses involves working with your peers to identify the risks and make the most of emerging opportunities. 

The workshop will include:

  • Identifying the barriers that are holding back your business growth 
  • Reviewing your leadership style and business shape
  • Tips on starting a strategic action plan to move your business forward

​This workshop will be held on 12 July, click here to find out more and book. The workshop will be repeated in November. 

Smart Bidding: how to win contracts                

If you don’t know how to bid for public and private sector contracts (or even how to find out about them) this workshop will demystify the process. It IS possible for smaller businesses, charities and social enterprises to win contracts - you just need to know how. You’ll leave fully armed with the knowledge to start bidding successfully.

The workshop will include:

  • Finding out about opportunities
  • An insight into procurement policies in the public and private sector as well as large organisations
  • Deciding what work to bid for
  • Practical advice on writing bids
  • Q&A with procurement experts

​This workshop will be held on 14 June, click here to find out more and book

Super staff: catch ’em and keep ’em

The quality of your staff is crucial to helping your business flourish and grow. But how do you find and develop the best people – and motivate them so they don’t leave?  This interactive half-day workshop will show you how to get the best value from your employees.

The workshop will include:

  • Measuring key competencies when recruiting, while ensuring your recruitment process is rigorous and fair
  • Keeping staff happy besides giving them a pay rise
  • Retaining, motivating and developing your workers

This workshop will be held in September. 

Marketing your impact: growing your social enterprise

This workshop is for charities and social enterprises who want to unlock business growth by capitalising on the impact they have already made to their cause. You will discover how to explain what sets you apart from others in order to market your products and services while ensuring your mission and values remain intact.

The workshop will include:

  • How to align your cause with customers
  • Ways to demonstrate the  impact you have made
  • Converting your messages into sales

This workshop will be held in October. 

Tell the world about your business: pitching and presentation

Every time you tell someone about your business – at a networking event, in a pitch or even just on the phone – you’re presenting. This session will tell you what to say and how to say it to make sure every presentation is both engaging and effective.

The workshop will include:

  • Getting your key message across
  • Adapting what you want to say to different types of presentation, from a networking meeting to a client pitch
  • Structuring your presentation to make it easy to understand
  • Bringing it to life for your audience
  • Having impact when presenting and dealing with nerves

This workshop will be held on 19 July. 

Book your mentoring session

The Ride the Wave workshops have a brilliant (and free) add-on. We know that once you’ve been to one of the workshops, you’ll come away brimming with ideas and plans for improving your business. 

We’re offering you the chance to explore some of these in an hour-long mentoring session with one of the experts we’ve lined up.  The mentors are specialists in various aspects of business, such as finance, HR, marketing and sales. They’ll help you take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your business.

The mentoring is included in the cost of your workshop (not available for Smart Bidding attendees.) 


The Ride the Wave workshops offer so much more than learning. You’ll also get to network, make contacts with like-minded businesses, and find out more about available information and support.

Workshops are all £10 except Smart Bidding, which is free.


We'll update this page with the links to book individual events in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, email us at ridethewave@businessinbrighton.org.uk


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