"The Bite-sized Learning sessions are great for our business because they provide a quick insight into areas of interest. With an ever changing vast range of topics to choose from there is always a relevant session going on. The sessions are always of a high standard, well attended and present an excellent opportunity for networking."

Nicky Goldsbrough, Shoreham Port


"One of the best investments I have made to date has been the money I have spent in joining the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce. For someone who has found networking a little painful in the past the Chamber has made the experience of networking with Brighton’s businesses much more pleasurable. I have also found the Chamber to be an excellent champion of my business through their promotion of my offers and articles through email, the website and social media. All in all they have been a great support team for me through my early days as a new business owner and I couldn’t recommend them more."

Robin Hall, Inspiring People HR


"The Chamber provides an excellent hub for people in the Brighton and Hove business community to meet each other and share their experiences, concerns and news. The Chamber events are usually full of a diverse mix of different businesses and are therefore great opportunities for cross-referrals with people that you build a relationship with and help you build a network of contacts in your operating area so you know who to call on."

Debbie VennASB Law


"The Chamber stands out from other networking groups and events due to its relaxed, welcoming approach and variety of members, which results in the perfect environment to build up an excellent group of business contacts. As the largest law firm in Brighton & Hove, we feel it is important that we support our vibrant business community. The Chamber gives us the opportunity to meet with some of the best businesses that the city has to offer, to share ideas and offer advice to those that may need legal services."

Gemma Hope, Mayo Wynne Baxter


"I wasn’t sure which networking group to join when I first started in business, so I tried them all. Most of them were completely wrong for my business, but the Chamber was excellent. The networking events are well attended, well prepared and genuinely interesting – they must be to get me out of the house by 7 am! I enjoy catching up with business friends and meeting new people, but what’s really nice is that if I want to meet a whole group of new contacts I can, or if I wish to contact a specific person the Chamber can help me do that too. I’m now a Chamber Ambassador and feel privileged to welcome in new members and help them with their networking. I would wholeheartedly recommend joining the Chamber to any local business."

David Blood, Posture People Ltd


“Sponsoring the Construction Voice event offered us a unique opportunity to showcase our brand in front of a variety of industry professionals all united by their passionate views about a relevant topic. The event was also an excellent networking opportunity, helping us to make several valuable new contacts.”

James Rogers, Bouygues UK


"The Bitesized event I ran was excellently organised and I was in capable hands throughout. All I had to do was turn up with my presentation; the wonderful team at the Chamber in conjunction with the staff at the Cricket Ground had made sure that the event was publicised well and that all necessary equipment was set up and laid out. The event was a great source of business. I was introduced to relevant people, and was also approached afterwards by people who wanted to remain in contact with me." 

James Dempster, Cobb Digital

"The 'How to create a marketing strategy' Bite-sized Learning session was great. It was focused, gave real insight into marketing challenges and used relevant examples or successes and flops elsewhere. It's helping me put some structure around my marketing planning. I found the length of the session just right. It's not too long away from  pressing day-to-day matters, but long enough to give confidence in what you're already doing, to get you to the next level of knowledge, or to know what you need to learn next."


“I met the Chamber team at Let’s Do Business Exhibition in Brighton, they are extremely friendly and encouraged me to attend one of their events. I attended the Chamber Breakfast as a non member and they had already mentioned me to a fantastic charity without me knowing. The charity had time to look at our website before I went to the breakfast and has also recommended us to another charity. This is networking at its best!”

Emma Gilbert, Fundraising Auctions